In the following year our group will contribute to the following programmes
at Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU)

BSc programme

BSc programme in Bioinformatics aims to provide a solid background in numerical disciplines and an insight into biological sciences. The focus is on acquisition of essential knowledge and skills required for a successful career in science or engineering. The programme covers a broad range of mathematical topics, from abstract methods to numerical computation; it also emphasises their application to real-world problems (i.e., physics and biology). As excellent computing and programming skills are at the heart of modern science the curriculum also includes machine learning, data analytics, programming. Finally, we offer bioinformatics and molecular biology courses. This makes our graduates very competitive and their skills applicable to many exciting career paths.

MSc programme

Computational biology an bioinformatics are an extremely active, interdisciplinary fields of research. The MSc programme in “Applied mathematics and Bioinformatics” is designed for people with strong background in natural sciences, engineering and quantitative subjects. The aim of this MSc is a) to train you to develop novel computational methods and tools essential for biological data analysis, as well as b) to equip you with a strong background in biology, plus the computing skills and analytical knowledge necessary to navigate and interpret the vast wealth of modern biological data. In our graduates we therefore, endeavour to develop an expertise and a universal skill set applicable to a wide range of areas from bioinformatics, computational biology & omics data analytics to mathematical and systems biology. On completing this programme you will be able to take up PhD studies or bioinformatics posts in academia, IT or in industry.

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