• BSXPlorer

    – is a lightweight and flexible instrument that facilitates explorative analyses of DNA methylation patterns in genomes of model and non-model organisms in an efficient way. BSXplorer is a tool developed to facilitate the graphical analysis of DNA methylation patterns in genomes, both at functional genomic elements and user-defined regions, with unmatched data processing speed. It offers both API and CLI, allowing for seam- less integration into data analysis workflows and scripts. The tool enables comparison of methylation signals between different contexts, samples, and species at functional genomic elements and regions of interest.

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  • pygenomics

    — a Python package that implements reading, writing, and transforming genomic intervals between various bioinformatic data file formats. The package routines can be easily incorporated into Snakemake pipelines or other bioinformatic data processing workflows.

    Additional package

  • Structural variant warehouse

    — a resource containing annotated patterns of sequence coverage signals, as well as statistical models of signal profiles associated with five main types of structural variation. The database contains approximately 23 million patterns extracted from the whole genome sequencing data provided by several large-scale genomics projects (e.g., HGDP). A robust and flexible graphical user interface enables smooth data visualization, management and download, which increases usability of the data and enables its uses in other applications.


  • Shirokuma - Polar bear genomics project

    – Shirokuma (しろくま シロクマ 白熊 – Polar Bear in Japanese) is a an educational resource and a curated catalog of polar bear (Ursus Maritimus) specimens housed at the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This work is carried out in the framework of the RSF grant 22-74-00038